Uniforms are to be worn at all times unless otherwise specified. If, for any reason, a child cannot be in uniform, a written excuse from the parent is to be sent to the teacher. Uniforms should be kept neat and clean; no ornaments or jewelry may be worn on the uniform. Make-up, colored nail polish, necklaces, bracelets, and multiple rings are unacceptable and are not permitted to be worn with the school uniform.

Effective after the Ring Day Ceremony, the 8th Grade class is afforded the privilege of wearing their school ring in addition to one other ring.


  • K-5: Brown plaid school jumper, yellow blouse, plaid tie.
  • 6-8: Plaid skirt and vest, white blouse.
  • ALL GIRLS: Solid brown or white knee socks or tights, brown school shoes, brown/tan school sweater for cool weather. No low/sneaker socks will be permitted. One pair of small earrings for pierced ear lobes may be worn.


  • K-5: School uniform trousers, school belt, yellow shirt, plaid tie, brown socks, and brown school shoes.
  • 6-8: Brown or Khaki pants, school belt, white shirt, solid brown tie, brown socks, and brown school shoes.

All Boys: Brown/tan school sweater for cooler weather. No earrings may be worn.

Boys & Girls: Warm weather uniform

  • Yellow / white (grade dependent) short-sleeved SFA golf shirt, school skorts / shorts / khaki slacks, school belt, and brown, white or khaki socks from May 1 – Nov.1.
  • (Uniform items are available through the Flynn & O’Hara Uniform Company and Da-Bar Too School Shoes. Ties and belts are available for purchase at school.)

Physical Education (Gym)

All students are expected to actively participate in the Physical Education Program unless excused in writing.

Uniform: SFA tee shirt and shorts (K-4 white shorts, 5-8 navy shorts). For safety reasons, only sneakers that tie or fasten with Velcro will be permitted in physical education class. N.B.: “Slip-on”, platform, ballet, zipper and skateboard sneakers are prohibited. These are worn to school on Gym Days. In cooler weather the SFA sweat suit is to be worn over the gym uniform

SFA Gym Bags are sold in the school (purchase: optional).

PEP Cards
PEP Cards are earned with Spirit Day donations, Walkathon Pledges, Candy Sales and other Fundraising Events throught the year. The PEP Card affords the student a dress down day wearing either an SFA PEP T-Shirt with jeans or shorts OR the Official SFA Gym Uniform. Please click here for more information.