About St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Academy

Mission Statement

In the spirit of our patron saint, the mission of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Academy is to form, inform and transform ourselves through Christ to be active members of our Catholic community and dedicated scholars who serve all of society.

Values and Vision Statement

Since we CARE at SFA, we are a school committed to the Gospel values that are required for a meaningful life. When walking through our halls, you will see teachers and students actively invested in working and collaborating to attain academic and personal excellence in a faith-filled environment with the support of loving families.

Cooperation: working together actively for a common purpose
Acceptance: to be understanding of people and their different ideas
Respect: appreciation for the worth of yourself and others
Empathy: the expression of compassion for others and their needs

– friendship
– patience
– generosity
– selflessness

– responsibility
– leadership
– service
– excellence

– kindness
– teamwork
– fairness
– truth

– charity
– understanding
– awareness
– thoughtfulness