SFACA First Annual STEM Fair is Thursday, May 17th…

Each spring, students from grades 3-8 have participated in the school science fair. This year, as an academy, we are going to hold a STEM fair in lieu of the science fair.

What is a STEM fair?
A STEM fair is an event that showcases the connection between science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. During the next few weeks, students in each class will be put into groups and given the opportunity to design a STEM project that uses the scientific method to solve a problem.

STEM Fair vs. Science Fair
STEM projects are engaging and real world inspired. Knowledge is taught the way it is used in the real world, with concepts and subjects interwoven seamlessly. STEM creates an interdisciplinary approach to instruction that inspires critical-thinking. The Next Generation Science Standards emphasize collaboration and teamwork over competition; therefore, students will have the freedom to work together in a creative and innovative way on a given project.

Projects will be worked on in school ONLY. It is mandatory that each student participates in the design and execution of the STEM project that they are assigned by his or her teacher. SFACA’s 2018 STEM Fair will be held in MCH on Thursday, May 17th from 5-6pm. All projects will be displayed, and student representatives from each class will present their projects. More information will be given to your child by his or her teacher.