Seventh Grade Curriculum

Welcome to the 7th grade!

Seventh Grade is an exciting year and there is so much to learn. The students are exposed to the core subjects as well as many special subjects.

Overview of the 7th grade curriculum:

  • 7th grade science will lay the basis and beginnings of life science that was touched upon towards the very end of last year. Topics will include discussions and studies in the following areas: The Scientific Method, animal and plant cells, an introduction to genetics and DNA, the Six Kingdoms of life, and an introduction to human biology and the major body systems.
  • We intend to utilize and supplement class discussions with technology and the science lab as much as possible. Students will complete at least one major lab per trimester, while accomplishing smaller lessons and demonstrations on a week-to-week basis.
  • 7th grade ELA will be a combination of the areas of grammar, literature and vocabulary. Our goal is to continue to build the students knowledge of the many genres of literature (including drama, poetry, short stories, and novels), while strengthening their growing vocabulary, along with improving their writing skills for 8th grade and the years ahead in high school.
  • 7th grade religion will continue to review basic doctrines and teachings of the church, as well as elements of our Christian faith that students will need for Confirmation next year. We will discuss Scripture, Tradition (and their relation to our beliefs), the Beatitudes, and why the gifts of the Holy Spirit are crucial to Confirmation. The students will have monthly responses and presentations due on the lives and works of Saints of their choosing, since they are the closest living examples of Jesus Christ.
  • 7th grade social studies covers a variety of topics covering early American history to the pre Civil War years in preparation for a state test in 8th grade. Topics include: colonization, the American Revolution, and the formation of the Constitution.
  • 7th grade Math includes a review of the important principles established in the 6th grade, and continues in preparation for the 8th grade state test. Topics include: a review of operations with complex number and fractions, geometry graphing, area and perimeter of figures, solving equations, and probability and statistics.

In addition to these classes, students days will be filled with weekly visits to Art, Music, Italian, Library/Resource, and Physical Education classes.

As for classroom behavior, decorum, and rules, it is expected that all students will follow the regulations set forth in the student handbook, especially in regards to respecting others, their feelings, and school property at all times.