September 2019 News & Calendar

Dear SFACA Families,

It is with great excitement and anticipation that we welcome you to St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Academy.   We are grateful that you have chosen us as partners in educating your children.  We understand the commitment and responsibility that is required to make the 2019-2020 school year a successful learning experience for all of you, and we pledge to do our best for your children.  This year we welcome Miss Sofia Panagiotakis who will be our new Kindergarten 102 teacher, Miss Stella Hwang who will teach Music, and Mrs. Jennifer Cunningham (TA in Gr. 2-103) to SFACA. In addition, I am very appreciative of Mrs. Theresa Kubina (Teacher in Gr. 8), Miss Alyssa Davis (Teacher in Gr. 2), Miss Danielle Gangi (Technology/Art/STEM), Mrs. Lisa Visca (TA in Gr. K-102), Mrs. Denise Rovitti-Fanelli (TA in Preschool B), Mrs. Nancy Annunziata (Director – PK for All) and Mrs. Lynne Nealis (Secretary – PK for All) who have all agreed to assist in new grade levels or new roles within the Academy. I am truly grateful for the gifts and talents that they and every member of our Faculty and Staff will bring to SFACA.

The eager faces of the children looking so wonderful in their clean, crisp, new uniforms is a sure sign that school is now open.  Everyone here at SFACA has been very busy preparing for their arrival.  Teachers and their support staff have been decorating the classrooms and getting very organized for a smooth transition from summer to Back to School.  Our Maintenance staff, Mr. Andrea and Mr. Mario, were busy over the summer and have made our school shine.  I appreciate all of their hard work in creating a welcoming environment for us all. We have added enhanced cameras and monitors as an updated security measure. In addition, I am indebted to the office staff for being such an efficient and effective team.  In particular, I want to thank Monsignor Maresca, Mrs. Angie Spampinato, our newly appointed Academy Board Chairperson, and our Academy Board Members for their devotion to all of us

School News

-Please make every effort to attend the Parent Orientation meeting this week.  You will receive the Parent/ Student Handbook that includes our policies and procedures for the current school year.   We hope that you find the information helpful.  Please return the Parental Responsibility and Internet Acceptable Use Policy and photo permission tri-fold sheet from the handbook along with the Student Information Sheet immediately.  The administration reserves the right to make amendments in policies, procedures, and regulations stated in the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Academy Parent/Student Handbook during the school year.  Written notification of any such amendments will be given to parents/guardians.
-Students will recreate prior to eating their lunch.  Please check the handbook for Recess and Lunch Schedules.  Lunch should be brought to school by the student in a disposable or insulated bag.  Students may not bring a metal  lunch box or glass bottle as they are unsafe.  No student lunch food deliveries will be accepted.  A child cannot be  permitted to stay for lunch unless the lunch fee has been paid. 
-Please do not leave your child’s homework, projects, or gym attire at the front desk after your child has entered  school.  Only eyeglasses and lunch will be accepted. 
-School forms, if needed, are available to download from our website at
-Early Morning Drop-Off begins at 7:30 a.m. In addition, students should not enter the schoolyard any earlier than 7:55 a.m. since there is no teacher supervision before that time. 
-For the safety of the children, please do not double park your car around the school or bring your pet to school.
-If you are picked as a chaperone for a class trip and cannot find a parking spot due to alternate side regulations, you may park in the schoolyard around the perimeter, not in the center, since students use the yard at lunchtime.
Volunteers are vital to SFACA!  Please consider being a volunteer for counting food money, door security, selling  ice cream, distribute pizza and other various events throughout the school year.  If we are unable to get the volunteers needed to help out with pizza and  ice cream, we will be forced to cancel food sales.  If you cannot volunteer during the day, perhaps you can help in the evening with shopping or decorating.  We would certainly appreciate it!
-The Special Liturgy for Children will be on designated Sundays at the 9:30 a.m. Mass.  We invite you to bring your children  to worship together in church and celebrate the spirit of our Catholic faith.

As we begin this new school year, let us share the blessings that each individual can bring to St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Academy.   May God continue to bless us all.

Ms. Stefano, Faculty, and Staff

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