School Begins Wednesday, September 8th….Welcome!

Good afternoon SFACA Families,

I hope this email finds you all safe and well and that you have been able to have some relaxation this summer. Summertime seems to go faster every year.

We are very much looking forward to our full in-person academy opening on September 8th, 2021. As you know, each new school year is an opportunity for us to improve as educators so that our students can reap the benefits of our growth. With that in mind, we will work this year to give our students the best of ourselves. We want them to be filled with hope, joy, comfort, and the love of learning throughout this new school year.

Virtual Parent Orientation Meetings

Based on the recent increase in Covid cases due to the Delta variant, the Diocese has recommended that we host virtual meetings rather than our previously scheduled in-person meetings. Therefore, on Wednesday, Sept. 8th, each K to 8 classroom teacher will conduct Zoom Parent Orientation Meetings for their respective grade-levels at the following times:


Kindergarten @ 7:00p
Grade 1 @ 6:00p
Grade 2 @ 6:30p
Grade 3 @ 7:00p
Grade 4 @ 7:00p
Grade 5 @ 7:30p
Grade 6 @ 6:30p
Grade 7 @ 7:00p
Grade 8 @ 7:40p

You will receive an invitation from your child’s teacher for the Virtual meeting.


New and Returning Faculty and Staff

You will see some changes in our Staff members this year when you return to school. We are happy to announce that Mrs. Cavera is now our school secretary. We thank her for the many years she spent as a classroom teacher. We bid a fond farewell to Miss Pangiotakis, Mrs. Fabrizi, Mr. Mahony, and Miss Roeder who will all be pursuing other opportunities. We are grateful for the time they spent with us. We welcome Miss Shannon Connors who will be the first grade teacher while Mrs. Mauceli is on maternity leave, and Miss Gianna Colandrea who will be our new fourth grade teacher.

As always, some of our proposed plans, have had to be changed. This year, there will be only one Kindergarten class.  All the Kindergarten students will be in Miss Stephanie Biscaglia’s class which I’m sure the children will enjoy.

I am very pleased to introduce our Faculty members to you for the 2021-2022 school year:

Our new 3-K For All Team
3-K Rm. 101 Miss Jessica Rapa and Mrs. Yesenia Galarza (Miss Jessy)

3-K Rm. 103 Mrs. Stefanie Potestio and Mrs. Deborah Leach (Miss Debbie)

3-K Floater TA Mrs. Denise Rovitti-Fannelli 

Pre-K For All
PKFA Rm. 107 Mrs. Sara McNaughton and Mrs. Lori Persico

PKFA Rm. 109 Miss Nicole Giardino and Mrs. Angela Fermin

PKFA Rm. 110 Mrs. Laura Bertuccio and Mrs. Jennifer Cunningham

PKFA Floater TA Mrs. Filomena Urgo

Elementary School
K-106 Miss Stephanie Biscaglia and Mrs. Lina Pirovolikos (Miss Lina)

1- 209 Miss Shannon Connors and Mrs. Lisa Visca

2- 210 Miss Alyssa Davis and Miss Amanda Cunningham

3- 206 Mr. Joseph Curro

4- 207 Miss Gianna Colandrea

5- 208 Miss Nicole Biscaglia 

Middle School
6- 201 Miss Danielle Gangi

7- 203 Mrs. Gina Sturman

8- 202 Mrs. Theresa Kubina

Special Subjects
Italian   Mrs. Maria Posa

Music    Miss Stella Hwang

Physical Education Mrs. Angelika Mincone

School Nurse
Mrs. Veronica Camilleri

Our new and returning teachers and teacher assistants are eager to begin working with your children.  We wish them all a great year ahead!


Health and Safety Protocols

In order to keep our students, staff, and school community members safe, SFACA will be implementing layers of preventive strategies recommended by the CDC and Diocesan Office of the Superintendent. These include, but are not limited to: mandatory face masks, daily student health survey, daily sanitizing, routine cleaning of highly touched surfaces, proper ventilation, and essential visitors only. At this time, vaccines have been strongly encouraged for all eligible individuals.

COVID-19 school coordinators are assigned to share information with the state and local health department immediately upon being informed of any positive test result by an individual in the school community including, students, faculty, staff, family members or visitors. Families will be highly encouraged to report instances of COVID-19 positive findings or exposure to school coordinator or point of contact personnel immediately. Appropriate confidentiality will be maintained by school personnel to secure the rights of any individual as related to instances of COVID-19.


It is our greatest hope that this year will be one where the children can truly enjoy being a student at SFCA. We are all looking forward to a happy and successful school year for all.



Ms. Stefano