Pre-K for All

Pre-K For All Registration for children born in 2015 must be completed at beginning early February through March 2019

Early Drop Off

The Early Drop Off Program is open to students Pre-K through eighth grade. Students should be dropped off at the main entrance of the school at 7:30am and are supervised by a faculty member in the Early Drop Off room. At 8:00 Pre-K students are brought to their classroom, and students K-8 are walked to their line in the schoolyard. The cost of the program is $2.00 per day. The program can be used daily or whenever the need arises. EDO Registration Form


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An affordable Afterschool program is directed by staff members and offers children a safe environment with scheduled times for snack, indoor and outdoor activities, and supervised homework. This program is available Monday through Friday from 2:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Registration Form

Cost per week: $100 for one child, $175 for two children, $200 for three children
Cost per day: $25 for one child, $45 for two children, $65 for three children
Cost per hour: $10 for one child, $20 for two children, $25 for three children

Title 1 Services

SFA has Title I reading and math teachers provided by the New York City Department of Education. Classroom teachers of grades K-3 may recommend students whom they feel require additional instruction. Once written parental consent is received, students take advantage of the program during school hours.

This remediation is extended to the students of grades 4-8 based on the results of the Terra Nova assessment and/or NYS Standards Test Programs. This remedial assistance exists for the school year. In addition to the formal reading and math programs, classroom teachers make themselves available before and after school and at lunchtime for students needing or requesting assistance.

Lunch Program

Current affordable food services available for purchase include hot dogs, chicken nuggets, bagels, pizza, pasta, and ice cream. These items are ordered from local vendors and are delivered to the school on designated days. Learn More