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Welcome to Pre K!

The Pre-K curriculum includes literacy, math, science, social studies, and religion as well as social skills.

Each week the children are introduced to a letter of the alphabet. They will learn to recognize the letter, as well as words that begin with that letter. Through literature the letters are reinforced. The children create art work relating to the letter. The formation of letters is taught and sight words are introduced using My Short Books.

The math curriculum includes learning about shapes, patterns, measurement, and numbers as well as many concepts that relate to them.

In science we examine magnets, light, and bubbles through hands-on activities. In the spring, we learn about life sciences by exploring insects and animals and by watching our plants grow.

In social studies we discuss ourselves and our families and those people who help us in our community. We learn about other cultures through their customs, language, and foods.

The children learn about Jesus through stories and songs. They are taught the Hail Mary and The Lords Prayer. They learn about and celebrate the Holy Days. We visit church throughout the year.

Music is a very important part of our curriculum as the children sing songs about concepts that they have learned. These songs strengthen their knowledge of those concepts.

The computer is used to enrich all areas of the curriculum.

Social skills are taught through modeling and interacting throughout the day.

The UPK program enhances the curriculum through the use of centers where the children experience and learn on their own.

PK-109 Newsletter – Week of October 19th

Posted on October 16, 2020

Pre-K 109 Classroom Newsletter
October 19th -October 23rd
Classroom News
This week we will be learning all about what makes our classmates important and unique. We
will also learn about our sense of taste.

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PK-109 Newsletter – Week of October 12th

Posted on October 14, 2020

Pre-K 109 Classroom Newsletter
October 12th-October 16th
Classroom News
The children had a great time learning all about what makes them unique and their sense of sight. This
week we will be learning all about our sense of hearing. We will also talk about our feelings.

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The SFACA After School Program begins on Tuesday, October 13th…

Posted on October 6, 2020

We are happy to announce that our After School Program will begin on Tuesday, October 13th. Below you will find a link to all of the pertinent information as well as a registration form.

The After School Program is offered Monday through Friday each week from dismissal to 6pm sharp.

Please note that the Registration Form is a fill-in form. You can either fill it in using your computer or print it and return it through school. Remember if you choose to fill it in on your computer you must a) download it, b) fill it in, and c) save it before you email it back. Make sure you submit payment as indicated with your registration.

Thank you for your interest.

SFACA After School Info & Fill-In Application

PK-109 Newsletter – Week of October 5th

Posted on October 2, 2020

Pre-K 109 Classroom Newsletter
October 5- October 9th
Classroom News
Our second unit will be “All About Me.” In this unit, the children will be doing various activities which
will help them to learn about themselves, their friends, and family as well as their five senses.

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