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Welcome to Pre K!

The Pre-K curriculum includes literacy, math, science, social studies, and social skills.

Each week the children are introduced to a letter of the alphabet. They will learn to recognize the letter, as well as words that begin with that letter. Through literature the letters are reinforced. The children create art work relating to the letter. The formation of letters is taught and sight words are introduced using My Short Books.

The math curriculum includes learning about shapes, patterns, measurement, and numbers as well as many concepts that relate to them.

In science we examine magnets, light, and bubbles through hands-on activities. In the spring, we learn about life sciences by exploring insects and animals and by watching our plants grow.

In social studies we discuss ourselves and our families and those people who help us in our community. We learn about other cultures through their customs, language, and foods.

Music is a very important part of our curriculum as the children sing songs about concepts that they have learned. These songs strengthen their knowledge of those concepts.

The computer is used to enrich all areas of the curriculum.

Social skills are taught through modeling and interacting throughout the day.

The UPK program enhances the curriculum through the use of centers where the children experience and learn on their own.

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Posted on September 16, 2019


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PK-107 Newsletter – Week of September 16th

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Pre-K 107 Classroom Newsletter
September 16th- September 20th

Classroom News

This week we will continue to review the classroom rules and routines. We will discuss as a class what each of the children can bring to the classroom community.


We will be reading various books about “Welcome to Pre-K”  . Read more…

PK-107 Newsletter – Week of September 9th

Posted on September 9, 2019

Pre-K 107 Classroom Newsletter
September 9th- September 13th

Classroom News

Welcome to Pre-K 107! This week we will begin our first unit of study, Welcome to Pre-K. In this unit, students will become familiar with the classroom rules and routines. They will explore the various classroom materials and begin to develop friendships with their fellow classmates. Students will be introduced to other members of the school community such as the lunch staff and Special Subject Teachers. This week we will focus on what the children will learn and do in Pre-K.

Read more…

Join us for a PDHP Workshop, “See You Later Alligator” (for Parents of grades PS thru K)…

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The Program for the Development of Human Potential (PDHP) Presents:
See You Later, Alligator

Strategies for letting go, skills for supporting, and self-care for connecting for the early childhood parent


Hosted by:
Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic Academy of Astoria
Wednesday 9/11/19
10am in the STEM Lab
Please RSVP to the Academy Office
Facilitated by:
Cary Anne Fitzgerald
Parent/Community Outreach Coordinator
718-871-7777 x 18

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