Physical Education

The goal of the Physical Education Program is to prepare all students for the future by teaching them the knowledge and skills needed to become active participants in enjoyable lifetime activity. All classes are taught in an active, supportive, and caring atmosphere designed to build self-esteem and confidence. Emphasis is placed on skill development, sportsmanship, cooperation, and respectful social interaction. Some of the skills and units included in the curriculum are:

Grades Pre k-3: Spatial and body awareness, gross motor skill activities, balancing, throwing, catching, batting, soccer skills, low organizational, and cooperative games.

Grades 4-8: Students in the upper grades build upon the skills learned in the previous years and put them to use in organized games. The following units are covered: football, basketball, soccer, kickball/ baseball, volleyball and dodge ball. They also participate in cooperative and team-building activities where there is an emphasis on communication, decision-making and cooperative skills.