PDHP News – October 2020

Happy October! 

I hope all has been going well and all are settled in to these new practices and schedules.  Here is what is going on with PDHP’s Parents As a Resource.  

Early Childhood caregiver workshop, “See You Later Alligator”, is wrapping up on our Facebook and YouTube sites.  Of course, the videos are still accessible and related posts as well.  There was some sharing of happy memories from the adults’ own early childhood days and tips on how to organize for homework!  Continued engagement, resources, conversation starters, family activities and wellness tips are still being provided through Facebook.  There is also a weekly reflective piece I post on Thursdays – this week, I am focusing on transitions – extending knowledge of transition along the school day to that of daily family life.  

For October, we turn our attention to Bullying Awareness.  The anti-bullying workshop, “Claim the Name: Is it Bullying or Is it Bed Behavior”, will be posted live on our Facebook page in snippets as well as a recording cross posted on YouTube. This workshop is for adult caregivers of children of all ages.  Check them out on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting next week! Of course, any of our parenting workshops are available should your academies/schools wish to host them virtually.  Providing at least one in each counselor school/academy is generally part of our work. I have found I am receiving requests to zoom in as part of a Home School Academy meeting, this is absolutely possible and times are flexible. The “#parents” workshop on social media and children seems to be the most popular choice for this but again, we can choose any topic from our workshop list.  Please feel free to contact me and we can work it out.  

I am thankful to all of you who have been active on the page or have shared the content and links along.  Please keep it going! 

Have a good day,  

Cary Anne Fitzgerald
Program for the Development of Human Potential
Parent/Community Outreach Coordinator