Paul Effman Music Program Goes Online….

After a great deal of consideration, Paul Effman Music has made the decision to teach 100% online this school year. Many factors have contributed to this decision, but two main factors are:

  1. Our teachers teach in multiple buildings per week
  2. Studies into the safety of playing a wind/brass instrument and singing have been conducted by multiple leading organizations. As of now, the results are inconclusive and potential spray output is still considered a possible transmission risk. 

We understand music is an integral part of each student’s education and well being. We have been working diligently to create the most versatile and comprehensive online learning platform available anywhere. The curriculum allows us to be able to provide live weekly classes through zoom and we have added our entire curriculum to our website.

We have created an online Demonstration/Recruitment page with videos, great information on the importance of music, information about the online classes, and links to Register online.

Band Instrument Demonstration
String Instrument Demonstration
Ukulele Demonstration






The 2020-2021 school year will certainly be an interesting and challenging year, but it is our hope to keep the music alive so that when things can return to the way the were, our students will be ready to perform for their school and community again!