Pastor - Msgr. Ralph J. Maresca

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Welcome to St. Francis of Assisi Parish located in Astoria, New York. The parish was founded 1930 for approximately five hundred parishioners. Over the years, the parish has grown to approximately 2,000 families. Gradual development of parish activities continued to grow and as of this time, many societies continue to be active and serve the needs of our parishioners.

In August 1949, ground was broken and a new school was built to serve the children of the community and provide quality Catholic Education to every student who graced the halls of this school. Today our school is still providing an excellent Catholic education thanks to the dedication of the faculty, the administration and the sacrifices our parents make to send their child/children to St. Francis of Assisi.

As we look to the future, the call to continue the work of the Lord Jesus is still with us. We are challenged as followers of Christ to share the presence, the love and the life of Jesus. We do this not only by what we say but how we act with one another.

All are invited to come and worship and participate in the life of our parish. Catch the spirit of the wonderful people who follow in the footsteps of our patron saint to be instruments of peace to all!

God’s Blessings,

Msgr. Maresca
Pastor of St. Francis of Assisi