Parents & Guardians

Home Academy Association

Every family is a member of this association and is expected to attend the general meetings held each year and to become involved in projects sponsored by the Association. The primary aim of the Home Academy Association is to foster good communication between home and school. Dues ($10) are included as part of family fee at registration. Each class will have two parent representatives. Click here for more information.


The Saint Francis of Assisi community participates in several fundraisers and events throughout the year. We also have daily and weekly volunteer opportunities that occur during the school day. Our success and the continuation of many programs is brought about by the time and effort of our many volunteers. If you are able to give your time to one or more of our events and activities, we would be most grateful. We appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.


At present, the only required participation in fundraising is the sale of one box (multi-unit carton) of candy by each SFACA student during the major candy sale drive in January and the sale/purchase of one raffle book for our Fall Festival. During the year, families voluntarily participate in numerous fundraising events such as: Fall Festival, Grocery Bingo,  Spirit Week, Walk-a-thon, monthly cake sales and other exciting events. Learn More

Test Scores

New York State test results are here. TerraNova test scores are here.


Uniforms are to be worn at all times unless otherwise specified. If, for any reason, a child cannot be in uniform, a written excuse from the parent is to be sent to the teacher. Uniforms should be kept neat and clean; no ornaments or jewelry may be worn on the uniform. Make-up, colored nail polish, necklaces, bracelets, and multiple rings are unacceptable and are not permitted to be worn with the school uniform. More Information


A full-time school nurse (718-278-0536) is provided by the NYC Board of Health, which mandates her responsibilities. She is required to follow very specific guidelines as set forth by the Board of Health and is closely monitored by a district-supervising nurse. She schedules time for classes to discuss health and cleanliness issues and also checks to see that health records are kept current.