Lunch Program

Grades K thru 8

1 child $225
2 children $275
3 children $350

  • Lunch Program Fees do not include the purchase of any food items.
  • Food items are ordered weekly on Mondays through the homeroom teacher for Grades K – 8.

Current affordable food services available for purchase include chicken nuggets,  pizza, pasta, hot dogs and ice cream. These items are ordered from local vendors and are delivered to the school on designated days. There is an assortment of beverages (Snapple and water) and healthy snack items available for purchase everyday. These are stocked on site.

  1. All children will be assigned a seat.
  2. The lunch supervisor will take attendance each day. Students registered for the lunch program will not be permitted to leave the school premises for any reason, unless stated in writing by a parent or guardian and submitted to the teacher.
  3. Appropriate behavior is expected. Students who are disruptive or disrespectful will receive a warning. After three warnings, the family will be notified and a meeting will be necessary. Excessive misconduct in the lunchroom or schoolyard may cause a students suspension or dismissal from the program. The lunch fee will not be refunded for such a dismissal. A child who is disrespectful in word or action to any adult supervising the lunch program is also subject to the same procedure as stated in our Parent/Student Handbook.

Weekly Food Items for Sale (Grades K-8)

Listed below are food items offered weekly for sale to our students. Payment for weekly food orders, for each child in your family will be collected on Mondays only by the classroom teacher:

  • Money for each item desired must be sent in a separate envelope with your child’s name and class. Kindly include the exact amount for each food item since change is not available.
  • Chicken nuggets, pasta, and special lunch items will be offered occasionally. Pasta is also sold on Fridays during Lent. Flyers will be distributed with dates and prices. Pizza, pasta, chicken nuggets, and special lunch items must be ordered in advance.
  • No student can be permitted to purchase these items on the day they are served. If you did not send in money on Monday you must send lunch with your child. Food money or lunches cannot be accepted at the school office.
  • Late orders cannot be accepted. If a student is absent, money is not refunded or held over and children are then expected to bring their lunch.

Cold Drinks: Snapple 100% juice products are available in 12 oz. cans for $1.00 and Poland Spring Water for $1.00. These products are available daily during the 2nd thru 4th lunch periods.

Ice Cream: Ice cream is sold on Mondays and Wednesdays during the regular lunch period. Students may choose from several different items for $1.50.

Kindergarten children will only be offered dixie cups for $1.00. Money will be collected on Mondays for the two days.

Pizza: from Astoria Pizza Factory is served on Thursdays

Pizza slice only = $3 each

SFACA Snack Shack: A variety of healthy snacks will be sold at lunch time for our K through 8th Grades. All items will sell for $1.00 each.