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Library 202 | Teacher:  Mrs. Amy McElwaine |

Mission Statement

The mission of SFACA School Library is to provide a welcoming place where students learn to love literature; learn about authors, learn library skills, explore websites and select books for pleasure and books needed for their curriculum.

Library Information

The Library is located in Room 202. Our book collection includes over 11,000 books and audio books. There are six computer workstations in the library featuring the internet, the library database catalog, and an LCD projector and screen.

The Library serves students in Pre-K through eighth grade. Students are responsible for the care of the books they borrowed. No late fines are charged, however, the student may not borrow a book if he or she has outstanding books. If a book is lost, the student must pay for it.

Students in grades 1 through 5 may take out one book during their scheduled class time. An additional book may be borrowed if it is needed for a project.

This is a very exciting time in our library.  We are undergoing renovation.  We have added a colorful area rug for story time.  We have also added bean bag chairs for relaxing and independent reading time.  The students enjoy sitting as a class on the rug and listening to their favorite stories.  

Library class consists of read aloud story time, independent reading, and improving reading comprehension skills.  Grades Pre-K through 2 enjoy listening to stories about seasons, holidays, and classic story books.  Grades 3 through 5 enjoy book groups where we focus on a particular story, do read alongs, and discuss important parts of the story.  Reading comprehension skills are also implemented throughout the school year. 


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