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K-106 | Teacher: Miss Stefanie Posa |

Welcome to Kindergarten at St. Francis!

We children are usually very busy working, playing and singing about many different subjects.  Our religion lessons cover God’s creation, Jesus God’s Son, Mary, His Mother, special people called saints, and special holy days.

We are beginning to learn to read through sounds, words, and stories. We listen to many stories that take us to wonderful places to meet special people.

Our math work is all about numbers, shapes, measuring, money and how we can use all of that in our lives each day.

We also talk about holidays, communities, workers, citizenship, and history in social studies, additions which help us to become more well-rounded.

The seasons guide our science lessons: fall happenings, winter weather, spring and summer. Of course, we talk about the healthy habits we try to have so that we can be in school every day. Music, art, gym, library and Italian are wonderful.

Our days are busy and each one helps us to grow in responsibility, independence, and maturity as we make new friends and learn to treat others as Jesus would want. Our teachers help to guide us through the year.

Coding in Kindergarten

Posted on December 14, 2018


The Kindergarten students learned about coding in technology class.  They discussed how to program a mouse.  Then, the students had to follow a diagram and build a maze.  Next, they needed to program the mouse to go the correct number of movements in the right direction.  Through much trial and error, the mouse finally found its way to the cheese! The students had a fun time while still learning some of the fundamental steps in coding.

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