June 2018 News & Calendar

Dear SFA Families:

Summer is fast approaching and with it, vacation and a time for renewal.  However, before this season arrives, I ask that you continue to direct your children in fulfilling their school responsibilities during the next few weeks.

-Mrs. Zilinski, who after 33 years of service at SFA, will be retiring at the end of June.  I know you will join me in wishing her many healthy and happy years ahead.

-Isabella Kyriakopoulos for her outstanding presentation of her speech entitled “Trust your Vision” by Vera Jones at the Home Academy Association meeting.  Isabella will now compete in the Diocesan Oratorical Contest at Our Lady of  Mercy School.  We are so very proud of her! 

-All the students for their outstanding presentations for our SFACA’s First Stem Fair project

-Miss Hellmund for receiving the Champion Teacher Award from Mathletics and her students: Vanessa Hosey, George  Kyriakopoulos, and Julianna Porr for receiving Top Student Awards.  Way to go! 

-All the students in the band for their wonderful music recital at the Home Academy Association meeting

-Miss Mastricovo, director of the Cheerleading Club, and to the cheerleaders for their “cheery” performance at the Home Academy meeting

-Miss Gangi and Mrs. Chin-Sinn, directors of the Drama Club, and to the students for their hard work and outstanding performance in the production of Be Careful What You Wish For.  Everyone did an outstanding job!

-Chloe Keebe for her performance in the Inter-School Orchestras of New York Spring Concert

-To our families and faculty who donated coats to Midnight Run.  The people there worked very hard in distributing the  coats to the homeless in New York.  Daniel Dellavecchia, Mrs. Behringer’s grandson, became involved in this project while working towards his Eagle Scout rank.  We are happy to report that Daniel has received his Eagle Scout rank.

-M/M Sportelli for their donation along with donations from CSW for the purchase of a Promethean Interactive White Board for the Technology Center

-Grade 5 and 7 parents who volunteered to help with the May Cake Sale with a profit of $144

-Mrs. Nassis for sending in ink cartridges for us to recycle, and Mrs. Sweeney for delivering them to Staples for rewards

-The parents who attended our final Home Academy Meeting of the school year

-All the parents for their donations, cooperation, and support of SFACA throughout the year

-Mrs. Demetriou and Mrs. Damiris for coordinating Box Tops for Education.  We received a check for $466.90.

-Mrs. Zotto, Home Academy, parent volunteers, families, and sponsors for your donations and help with Walk-a-Thon

-Mr. Jeffrey DiVittorio for laundering our tablecloths for the many occasions held throughout the school year

-Our Class Reps for their help and support to the teachers and to the parents

-Mr. Mark DiVittorio, our very own locksmith, for his assistance to SFACA


-Our next registration is June 13 from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.  Call the school office to make an appointment.

-Lunch Program Registration is due by June 15.

-Please contact the school office to fill out a transfer form if your child is not returning to SFACA in September.  School records cannot be released to another school without a parent’s signature.

-Local summer school registration is held in early June.  Please call the school office for details.

-Scholarships are available for families who are in financial need.  Stop in the office for more details.

-We have many gently used and some new uniform items: skirts, pants, shirts, ties, gym sweatshirts, etc. 


Make this summer special by giving your children your time, interest, praise, and guidance.  Remember, your child needs you!  May God continue to bless you with His love.  Enjoy a safe and fun-filled summer.

Ms. Stefano, Faculty, and Staff

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