December 2018 News & Calendar

Dear SFA Families:

December is that wonderful time of year – time to await the birth of Jesus, time to be with family and friends, and time to spread the joy of Christmas with everyone you meet.

PROGRESS REPORTS will be distributed on Thursday, December 6th from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.  Terra Nova results for Grades 3-8 will also be distributed at this time.  Parents are asked to enter through the main entrance on 46th Street.  Together with your child’s report, you will have a good indication of their overall academic performance.  “One of the strongest motivators for students is the opportunity to look back and see their progress. In this way, students can understand their learning goals, recognize their own skill level in relation to the goals, and take responsibility for reaching the goals.  By involving students in their own success, they become a more active partner in their learning.” (Educational Leadership, Vol.63, No. 3).

-our Home Academy Association and volunteers from the seventh grade class who helped with Ring Day.
-Mrs. Spampinato, Mrs. Kyriakopoulos, Home Academy Association, Class Reps, and Mr. and Mrs. Ragusa and all the volunteers for all their efforts in making the Grocery Bingo fundraiser a great success.  We also want to thank Mrs. McLaughlin, official caller for the evening, and all our parents for their donations and support of this fundraiser. 
– all the families who made donations above and beyond what was asked.  Your generosity is what helps to make our Grocery Bingo a success.
-Mrs. Annunziata and the Student Council for their help with the Thanksgiving Drive for the Little Sisters of the Poor, and to our students and their families, faculty, and staff for their generous donations
-our Kindergarten parents who hosted the November Cake Sale with a profit of $174.61
-all the volunteers who have helped us in so many capacities.  Please attend Mass on Friday, 12/14 at 9:00 a.m. and enjoy a breakfast in your honor immediately following in MCH.
-The Sportelli Family for underwriting the cost of repairing the second floor boys’ rest room and for their generous donation of equipment for the Physical education program.
-Mrs. Nancy DiVittorio and her family for volunteering to decorate Msgr. Campbell for Christmas
-Mr. and Mrs. Demetriou for volunteering to decorate the lobby and first floor for Christmas

-Santa Claus is coming to SFA for pictures on December 7.  Please be sure to return your picture money promptly. 
-Write your child’s name on all belongings so that we can return lost items when they come to the school office.
Please keep your child home when he/she is not well.  Call the school office before 9:00 a.m. to report an absence.  At that time, you may request books and homework to be sent to the office at dismissal or with a fellow classmate.  A written excuse must be given to the teacher on the day your child returns to school.
-Send a note to the teacher or call the office before 12 noon when someone other than yourself is picking up your child.
-All students attending the Early Morning and After School Programs must be registered.
-Winter uniforms went into effect on November 1st.  Please remember: consult the handbook for uniform regulations.
-Parents going on a trip may park in the school yard around the perimeter but not in the center due to outdoor recess. However, no car may be moved while there are children in the yard. Furthermore, no pickups or drop offs may be made in the schoolyard during the school day.  Virtus training is required for all chaperones
-Double and triple parking has become a hazard on 46 Street.  Please try to come to school a few minutes earlier than dismissal so that you can find a parking spot.  For the safety of all children, please do not bring your dog to school, and do not let your child run around school or church properties to prevent any accidents that might occur.

Helpful Tips for Parents: Monitor children’s use of computers, tablets, etc. and pay close attention to the sites they are viewing.  Children should eat breakfast before they come to school.  It is the most important meal of the day! Periodically check your child/children’s hair for lice because this is the season.

Please accept our sincere wishes for a blessed and peace-filled Christmas.  May each of you experience the love shared by the Holy Family within your family.


Ms. Stefano, Faculty, and Staff

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