SFACA & Distance Learning…the next steps….

Dear SFACA Families,

I hope and pray that you are all well. You are continually in my thoughts and prayers as we struggle to deal with this ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Although these times are very difficult, I believe that if we work together and stay patient, we will come out on the other side of this stronger and with an increased appreciation for life’s simpler pleasures.  

I know that many of you are struggling as you try to juggle the demands of helping your children with their schoolwork and your own personal work. I appreciate the time you have spent working with your children.  Please be assured that the teachers are working hard to move toward increased virtual learning. The result of their work will be evident shortly, as many of them have launched ZOOM or Google Meet, and will be giving your children direct instruction in major subject areas. Continue reading “SFACA & Distance Learning…the next steps….”

An Update from our Principal…

Dear SFACA Families,
I hope everyone is staying healthy and feeling well during these unprecedented times.  Please know our teachers and staff are adjusting well to our distance learning program.  Of course, this is in no way a replacement for being in school. However, given the circumstances we are trying to connect with our students to maintain the St. Francis of Assisi community and keep them as engaged as possible.  

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SFACA Distance Learning Information for All Grades

Dear Parents,

We learned today that all schools and academies in the Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens will be closed until April 20, 2020.  This was a difficult decision and it came out of the heartfelt concern for our entire school community. Alternative learning venues are being set into place to ensure that the students will be engaged and learning. 

In order to keep our students moving forward here at SFACA grades 3 through 8 will be utilizing Google Classroom for instruction.  All students have their Google sign-ins and should log in daily to complete work assigned by the teacher.  Report Cards are being mailed home today along with your Option C log in. Continue reading “SFACA Distance Learning Information for All Grades”

Coronavirus Update: New Directives taking effect….

Dear Parents,

At a recent Diocesan meeting the Corona Virus pandemic was discussed at length.  Several directives were instituted which will be put into effect immediately.  In addition, SFACA has identified additional at risk areas and have made minor adjustments to our academy procedures. These initiatives are being put into place out of care and concern for all our children, staff and families.  Read the list carefully and kindly adhere closely.  Some of the directives are grade specific. Continue reading “Coronavirus Update: New Directives taking effect….”

Report Card Distribution for Second Trimester- UPDATE

As a precautionary measure, a decision has been made by the Office of the Superintendent of Catholic School Support Services for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn to send home the Second Trimester Report Cards and cancel all face-to-face, parent-teacher conferences for the Second Trimester Report Card Distribution Period.

2 copies of the report card will be sent home in an envelope on Wednesday, March 18th, with a request that a parent sign one copy and return the signed parent copy back to school. Once the report cards are received, any parent who wishes to speak to a teacher will have the opportunity to sign up for a phone conference. Or, if you prefer, simply email the teacher your concerns. 

Thank you for your understanding.

How we are keeping SFACA safe….

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Academy logo

As you know, schools across the city are taking precautions and being proactive as they deal with the Coronavirus. We here at SFACA are doing everything we can to keep our school community safe.  Practices and precautions have been set into place to ensure the well-being of all.  We have instituted the following actions:


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March 2020 News and Calendar

Dear SFACA Families,

The month of March promises many blessings for us as a school family as well as a parish community.  In addition to all the prayerful Lenten opportunities our parish affords, the second graders and our eighth graders will receive two very special Sacraments of Initiation.

Families who have a four year old child born in 2016 and not presently attending our Pre-School Program, please contact Mrs. Annunziata if you would like to register your child for our Pre-K for All Program beginning September 2020. You can reach Mrs. Annunziata by calling the school office at 718-726-9405 ext. 3 or through her email at nannunziata@sfaacademy.org. Siblings receive priority status when registering for the PKFA Program. All students must apply on line through the DOE site.

New Student Registration for the 2020-2021 school year will take place on the first Tuesday of the month – March 3, April 7, May 5 and June 2.  Please recommend SFACA to your friends and have them call to make an appointment and to receive further detailed information. Continue reading “March 2020 News and Calendar”

NYS Catholic Conference – Action Alert – Fight for Catholic School Funding

New York State Catholic Conference Alert Logo

Fight for Catholic School Funding

Lawmakers are poised to finalize a state budget on March 31, which is expected to include hundreds of millions more in funding for public education. It’s crucial that we add our voice to ensure that the state’s Catholic schools receive their fair share of funding for critical programs that support our students and teachers. Take action now to send a message to your elected representatives.

Click the link below to log in and send your message:

February 2020 News & Calendar


Dear Families:

For the continued safety of everyone in our building, all parents must enter/exit by the front door of the Academy.  Please make sure that your family’s personal information is up-to-date on Option C. 

Learn-Serve-Lead-Succeed is the theme chosen this year to recognize our Catholic educational system in the United States.  We thank you for choosing St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Academy to educate your children.


Tuesday, February 4 and Wednesday, February 5
From 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

These dates are for present SFA families who would like to register a new student for September 2020  Please check our website www.sfaacademy.org for further information.  Re-Registration Forms for current students will be sent home on March 2, 2020 and must be returned to the office with the registration fee by March 23, 2020.

For families of current students:  Siblings receive priority status when registering for the PKFA Program.   If you have a child who is 4 years (born in 2016) who does not attend our Pre-School Program, and is a sibling of a current SFACA student, and you would like to register for our Pre-K For All Program beginning in September 2020, please contact Mrs. Annunziata as as soon as possible by calling the office or emailing her at nannunziata@sfaacademy.org.  The DOE on line registration opens in early February 5th, 2020 and closes on March 16th.  All parents must apply on line through the DOE site. (MySchools.nyc) Continue reading “February 2020 News & Calendar”