The SFACA After School Program begins on Tuesday, October 13th…

We are happy to announce that our After School Program will begin on Tuesday, October 13th. Below you will find a link to all of the pertinent information as well as a registration form.

The After School Program is offered Monday through Friday each week from dismissal to 6pm sharp.

Please note that the Registration Form is a fill-in form. You can either fill it in using your computer or print it and return it through school. Remember if you choose to fill it in on your computer you must a) download it, b) fill it in, and c) save it before you email it back. Make sure you submit payment as indicated with your registration.

Thank you for your interest.

SFACA After School Info & Fill-In Application

PK-110 Newsletter – Week of October 5th

Pre K 110 News
October 5 – 9
Our next units are All About Us and Five Senses. The children will explore who they are, the people in their lives, as well as their Five Senses. This week we will learn what makes me important and unique. Our shape this week is a rectangle. We will be learning about our sense of sight. The letter of the week is D.

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Crisis Management Plan – Evacuation Sites

October 1, 2020 Memo

To: Parents

From: Ms. Stefano

As part of our annual Crisis Management Plan, it is my duty to inform you of three evacuation sites chosen by St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Academy as safety zones for our children should an emergency occur where it is necessary for us to leave the school building. These sites are as follows: Continue reading “Crisis Management Plan – Evacuation Sites”

PKFA – Daily Health Screening Form

Dear Parents,

The children have gotten off to a great start!  They enjoy spending time with their friends and are engaged and working well with their teachers. We are so grateful to all of you for your patience and cooperation for the past three weeks. Please continue to log into Option C every morning by 7:30am to complete the Daily Health Screening Form.  If you do not have access to a computer kindly fill out and hand in the paper form.  We will continue to take temperatures at the door every morning. As the weather begins to change, please make sure the children are dressed appropriately. Continue reading “PKFA – Daily Health Screening Form”

PK-110 Newsletter – Week of September 28th

Pre K 110 News
September 28 – October 2
This week the children will learn about the people that make our school a community and safe place to be.
The next shape we will learn about is a triangle.

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PK-110 Newsletter – Week of September 21st

Pre K 110 News
September 21 – 25
The children are transitioning well into Pre – K.
This week the children will learn about the people that make up our Pre K class and how each one is special. We will continue to learn about shapes. Squares will be our next shape.

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PK-110 Newsletter – Week of September 14th

Pre K News
September 14 – 18
Our first unit is Welcome to School. This week the children will learn about what they will experience and do in Pre K. We will be learning about shapes in Math. The first shape we will learn about is a circle. We will be exploring the alphabet this week’s letter is A.

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