The SFACA Christmas Boutique is open Wednesday, 11/28 & Thursday, 11/29….

It’s that time of year again!  Christmas is right around the corner.  Why not be part of this important fundraiser and at the same time, give our children the opportunity to do a little Christmas shopping for the people they care about.

Our Christmas Boutique will be held on Wednesday, November 28th and Thursday, November 29th. Prices for all gift items will again be $5.00 or less.

We will also be selling raffles for exciting prizes: NBA merchandise, and more to be announced.  As always, these raffles will be sold at lunch and at all Christmas shows. Raffle prices will vary from $2 each (3 for $5) and $10 each (3 for $20).

The children will enjoy Christmas shopping without their parents.  




Wednesday, November 28th Thursday, November 29th
8:15-9:00 5-208 8:15-9:00 3-206
9:05-9:50 1-101 10:00-10:45 4-207
10:00-10:45 2-103 10:50-11:35 8-202
10:50-11:35 6-201 12:00-1:00

All PK

(if needed)

11:40-12:25 7-203
12:30-1:15 K-106    
1:20-2:05 K-102    


PreK 109 – Weekly Newsletter – 11/12/18

This week we will begin to learn about what types of homes the people in New York live in. We will also talk about familiar places in our community such as the Supermarket, Firehouse, Library, and Post Office.
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Weekly Newsletter – 11/5/18

This week we will be learning about where people and animals live. We will explore different animal homes and compare how they are similar and different from people homes.
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Weekly Newsletter – 10/29/18

This week will begin our new unit on Where We Live. In this unit, the children will learn about the homes that they live in, the homes animals live in, and how each of those homes are made.
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Weekly Newsletter – 10/1/8

Our second unit we will be “All about Us.” In this unit, the children will be doing various activities which will help them to learn about themselves, their friends, and family as well as their five senses.
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Weekly Newsletter – 9/24/18

This week the children will revisit the things that make our school a safe and happy place. Our shape of the week is a triangle. We will be going on a walking trip around the school to find out who else is in our school community. We will be discussing how we feel in certain situations.
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Weekly Newsletter – 9/10/18

 Welcome to Pre-K 109! We are very excited about all the families that will be a part of our class this year and can’t wait to get to know you better. We have lots of exciting things planned. To start off the year, the children will be learning about the things they will experience and do in Pre K. We will be learning about shapes. The first shape we will learn about is a circle.
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