November 28, 2023

December 2023 News and Calendar

Dear SFACA Families:

I can not believe that we are now in the season of preparing for the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and celebrating  God’s blessed gift to us as the “True Light of the World”. I know that as we prepare for this beautiful season, we are consumed with being busy and can get overwhelmed with the chaos that this season may bring. Stepping back and reflecting on all the goodness of God’s love for us is important during this season. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and blessed New Year!

The first day of Advent is on Sunday, December 3rd. The first purple candle will be lit to signify the first week of Advent and our preparation for the Christmas season as purple symbolizes forgiveness. 

A great big “thank you” to Mrs. Hili, the Home Academy and her wonderful volunteers for making our annual Bingo Night a great success. We also thank Mrs. Chronas for the calling out of the Bingo letters and numbers. She used her humorous style to make the evening fun and enjoyable.  Thank you to our wonderful families for the generous donations for our Bingo night as well as our Class Reps for the beautiful baskets that represented the talents of Class Reps. The goodness of all does not go unnoticed!

In the spirit of giving, I want to thank you all for the generous donations to the Little Sisters of the Poor. All the donations and everything was well received. You all are true examples of service to your children.

Our Christmas Boutique will be held on December 5th and 6th in Monsignor Maresca Center. It will be an opportunity for the students to buy little token of thoughtfulness for the special people in the students’ lives. Please encourage the children to think of these special people who they may want to buy a special gift.

Our Christmas Show, “SFACA SAVES CHRISTMAS”, will be held on December 19th and 20th at 6:30 in MCH. Please contact your child’s teacher with regard to any specific things/costumes that is needed for the show. More details to follow.

It is respectfully requested that your child’s lunch is not being delivered by anyone, except a family member. There are too many deliveries from outside food services and we are trying to keep unnecessary people from entering the school building. Safety is our priority for all our students, faculty, and staff.

A few gentle reminders:
• Please label all jackets, sweaters and items with your child’s name.
• Students need absence notes to be given to their teacher on the day they are to return indicating the reason
• Students are to remember to bring all books needed for homework because NO student is permitted to return to the classroom after they dismiss from school.
• If a student is absent and books are needed to complete class work/homework, please call the office and request the materials. Please also notify the teacher so the materials may be sent down in sufficient time for the teacher to prepare the materials requested. Please contact the office and the teacher before 10am.
• Please with any food orders indicate your child’s name, grade, purpose, and the exact change. This is very important for the lunch moms to keep orders accurate. Pizza is served on Thursdays, but payment is due on Monday for that week.

Kindly remember that there should be NO SMOKING on school grounds. Please refrain from smoking near the school and church premises, especially near our students and families. In addition, please be mindful of double parking and blocking the yellow school busses in the front of the school. Our children’s safety is always our priority. Please remember that there should be no running or playing around the church or the steps after dismissal. Thank you for your cooperation.

Ms. Elizabeth Reilly, Faculty, and Staff