Our band music education program meets every Friday and is sponsored by Paul Effman Music. Students in grades 3 and up are eligible to participate in the band program.

Students in grades 2-8 are invited to join the Children’s Parish Choir. The choir practices on Monday afternoons from 2:50 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. in the church under the supervision of parish Musical Director Marina Struleva and moderator Mrs. Nancy Annunziata. In addition to attending practice, members are expected to sing at the 9:30 Mass on Sundays from September to June.

CYO Sports Program
More information on the SFA Parish Wildcats sports programs is available on the SFA Wildcats Website

Drama Club
Students in grades 5 through 8 are eligible for Drama Club. Miss Gangi & Mr. Curro are the moderators. 

Girl Scouts
The Saint Francis of Assisi Girl Scouts is an integral and empowering program for girls in grades K-8. Sponsored by the St. Francis of Assisi Parish, it provides girls with a strong sense of independence, community, leadership skills, team work skills and self-esteem. Meetings take place every other week, mid-October through May. Mrs. Nancy Zotto is the SFA Girl Scout Program Coorinator For more information, email

SFACA Singers After School Club
The SFA Singers group is made up of students from grades 3 through 8. They meet weekly on Thursdays from 3-4pm, October through December, and perform at all academy Christmas Shows. The moderators are Mrs. Annunziata and Mrs. Nealis.

Student Government
Students from grades 6-8 compose the 9-member board of the student government. The final selection is made by the principal and middle school teachers. Criteria for nomination is based on leadership, responsibility, and the ability to relate to the faculty, staff, and the student body. The term of office is one year, installation of new officers follows the opening school Mass in September. The council meets monthly, discusses current school issues, and makes suggestions for additional school activities.
Mrs. Cavera & Miss Bisgalia serve as moderators for the student council.

Yearbook Club & Digital Scrapbook Club
Open to 8th Graders.  The students contribute to putting together a printed yearbook and a digital scrapbook of pictures and memories of years past. Mrs. Kubina is the moderator. 

More Activities at SFACA 

SFACA offers a wide range of activities for our students, affording each child the opportunity to explore interests, engage in creative outlets for specific talents, and become well-rounded individuals.

Within our school, “buddy classes,” one younger and one older, are paired. Teachers schedule time to meet with buddies for holiday activities, as well as for help from older students with curriculum-based tasks.

The entire school participates in an annual Christmas Show with each class performance related to the school-wide theme.

Each class plans and prepares a First Friday Mass. Students participate in the reading of Scripture, in preparing the Prayer of the Faithful, and in the Presentation of Gifts. School-wide prayer experiences include: grace before and after meals, recitation of the rosary during the months of October and May, opening and closing school liturgies as well as liturgies before Thanksgiving and Christmas, distribution of ashes, blessing of throats, a May Crowning, prayer for vocations over the public address system, Pre-Communion Masses for the second grade and Reconciliation for grade 3-8 twice a year. Our students also participate in several dress down days with the donated money sent to the missions.

Students are recognized by Student of the Month and Star Student awards. Those who obey classroom rules, show respect for teachers and other students, and demonstrate good effort in subject areas receive Student of the Month awards. Those who excel in a special content area, for example, Music or Art, are recognized by Star Student awards. Their pictures and names are posted on a bulletin board located in the front hall of school and first names are posted on our schools website.

Spirit Day, held in October, is a school-wide activity celebrating the feast of our patron saint, St. Francis of Assisi. Students engage in various sports activities conducted by our physical education teacher. A parent coordinates all events including procuring assistants, arranging for special lunches, and counting sponsor donations.

There will be a STEM fair at our Home-Academy meeting in May.

To celebrate Columbus Day, students participate in Italian Heritage Day for which a local restaurant provides Italian food.

Parents prepare and host Mardi Gras at which our students participate in raffles and enjoy games for one period of the school day.

Spelling and Math Bees, as well as an Oratorical Contest and a Poetry Presentation, are held in each classroom where all students participate. The winners from each class move on to the school bee or presentation. Parents are invited to attend and certificates of participation are awarded.

We have a Walkathon every spring where the students wear t-shirts and process around the neighborhood to show off their school pride and to raise money for specific school needs.

Students have the opportunity to participate in all parish-sponsored clubs such as Youth Group, in addition to the CYO Sports Program, Girl Scouts & Children’s Choir