A Message from Ms. Allison Warfield (our PDHP Counselor)

March 20, 2020

Dear Families,

As you are aware, we are currently facing a global health crisis forcing our schools to close and for all of us to alter our daily lives. In facing a catastrophe like COVID-19 it can be frightening to both children and adults alike. As the PDHP counselor at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Academy I plan to implement weekly resources, tips, activities and a referral list for the parents, as well as continued evidenced based prevention counseling to the students.

Uploaded to google classroom the students will find activities and lessons from Too Good for Drugs and Too Good for Violence programs. I will also be available to speak with any of the students and parents who may require support at this time or have questions pertaining to the program.

If you are concerned about your child’s response to this current crisis, please direct your attention to the referral pages provided here to you. All of the staff at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Academy want to ensure that our student’s emotional needs are cared for so that the jobs of teaching and learning can resume at the earliest time possible. Thank you and be well.

Allison Warfield
PDHP Counselor