8-202 – November 2019 News

November 1st, 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This is a very exciting month for the graduates and I’d like to share a few details that will answer some questions you may have.

On Saturday, November 9th, the children will be taking the TACHS exam at St. John’s Preparatory unless otherwise instructed.  I’m sure that you and your child have given careful consideration to the choices they will put down on their admit cards.  Make sure that you sign that card and keep it in a safe place until Saturday.   Plan to arrive at your test site at 8:15am on the day of the test. Students must bring two sharpened Number 2 pencils with erasers, the Admit Card, and identification (Student ID or Library card) though I understand that is rarely checked.  Any type of electronic or battery operated devices, such as calculators, watches, or cells phones, scratch paper, food, and beverages are also not allowed.  The students have been well prepared for this day.  I know they will do their best, and I hope they get the results for which they are hoping.

We have the Ring Day Ceremony on Friday, November 15th at 9:00am in the church.  The boys should wear dress pants with collared shirts and ties.  Sports coats may be worn, but are not necessary.  Girls should dress appropriately for church – nothing too short or immodest, no jeans or leggings, bare shoulders or spaghetti straps without a jacket or shrug.  They must wear tights under skirts.  They may get their nails done and keep the polish on for the entire following week and they may wear light make-up on the day.

There are two rows of seats behind the graduates for two family members. (Rows 3 and 4). Any other invited guest should sit in the back of church because all the school children will be coming over for Mass.

The students will report to school at the regular time.  They do not need backpacks.  They will sit in the first two rows on both sides of the aisle.

If they are doing a reading, please see that they rehearse at home.  Younger siblings will be brought over to church for the Mass and escorted back to school by Ms. Stefano or one of the other teachers when the ring ceremony is over.

After the Mass, you and the students are invited down to Monsignor Campbell Hall for a breakfast hosted by the Home/Academy Association.  There will be plenty of opportunities for photos then, so please refrain from taking any during the liturgy unless you can take them from your seat.  The children will then be dismissed to you.

Finally, Confirmation class begins on Sunday, November 3rd Students are expected at the 9:30 Mass, after which they will report to the school for class.



Mrs. Kubina