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7-203 | Miss Christina Mastricovo | cmastricovo@sfaacademy.org
Homeroom – Social Studies – Science
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ELA – Religion | Teacher: Mrs. Celeste McCarthy | CMcCarthy@sfaacademy.org
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Math | Teacher: Mrs. Jennifer Chin-Sinn | JChinsinn@sfaacademy.org
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Welcome to the 7th grade!

Seventh Grade is an exciting year and there is so much to learn. The students are exposed to the core subjects as well as many special subjects.

Overview of the 7th grade curriculum:

  • 7th grade science will lay the basis and beginnings of life science that was touched upon towards the very end of last year. Topics will include discussions and studies in the following areas: The Scientific Method, animal and plant cells, an introduction to genetics and DNA, the Six Kingdoms of life, and an introduction to human biology and the major body systems.

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7th Grade – ELA Newsletter

Posted on December 18, 2018

Over the past few weeks, we have been reading the novel A Long Walk to Water which opens our eyes to the Sudanese refugee crisis and water crisis that impacts Sudan today.
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The SFACA Christmas Boutique is open Wednesday, 11/28 & Thursday, 11/29….

Posted on November 27, 2018

It’s that time of year again!  Christmas is right around the corner.  Why not be part of this important fundraiser and at the same time, give our children the opportunity to do a little Christmas shopping for the people they care about.

Our Christmas Boutique will be held on Wednesday, November 28th and Thursday, November 29th. Prices for all gift items will again be $5.00 or less.

We will also be selling raffles for exciting prizes: NBA merchandise, and more to be announced.  As always, these raffles will be sold at lunch and at all Christmas shows. Raffle prices will vary from $2 each (3 for $5) and $10 each (3 for $20).

The children will enjoy Christmas shopping without their parents.  




Wednesday, November 28th Thursday, November 29th
8:15-9:00 5-208 8:15-9:00 3-206
9:05-9:50 1-101 10:00-10:45 4-207
10:00-10:45 2-103 10:50-11:35 8-202
10:50-11:35 6-201 12:00-1:00

All PK

(if needed)

11:40-12:25 7-203
12:30-1:15 K-106    
1:20-2:05 K-102    


7th Grade Monthly Newsletter

Posted on November 24, 2018

Currently, the class is working on their “Explorers Project”. We completed the unit on the European Era of Exploration, so to reinforce this knowledge, the students have chosen an explorer to research and create a holiday in remembrance of him.
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Celebrating Thanksgiving in 7th Grade

Posted on

                                               The 7th graders enjoyed a Thanksgiving “feast” together. 

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