June 2022 News & Calendar


Dear SFACA Families:

It is really unbelievable that this will be our last calendar for this academic school year. As we are fast approaching the end of this academic school year, we are fully aware of the many blessings that this school year has brought us. We thank all the wonderful teachers and staff for the knowledge that was taught to us and the wisdom in and out of the classroom. The students are blessed to have flourished not only in their academic subjects, but also in their personal and spiritual growth.

As we prepare for the ending of this academic school year, the students will be given finals in each of the major subjects. The teachers have given them the information that is needed to prepare for these tests. Their “finals” are considered a test like any other test that has been given throughout the year. “Finals” indicate that it will be the last test in that subject for the year. We encourage the students to continue to study and prepare fully for their finals.  It is an opportunity to show what they learned.

The Final Exam Schedule is as follows:
Wednesday, June 8th – Science
Thursday, June 9th- Social Studies
Friday, June 10th – ELA (1-6)
Monday, June 13th – Math
Tuesday, June 14th – Religion
Wednesday, June 15th – ELA( grade 7 ) 

This month, we congratulate our 8th graders on their graduation! We are very proud of them on this wonderful occasion. Many of them have been part of SFA since Toddler Time and some have only recently joined our school community. Regardless, they will always be a part of our school community and now they have become our alumni! We wish them the best of luck and happiness as they begin their journey onto high school. We know that they will be doing great work and will make an impact on this world. May they keep the spirit of our patron saint, St. Francis, close to them always.

We also congratulate our 3K and Pre-K For All children as they also celebrate their “Completion Ceremonies”. We celebrate their accomplishments to learn their ABCs and 123s, how to play and share, and how to be a good friend. We wish them happiness as they move forward as they rise to new wonders.

Kindly remember that there should be NO SMOKING on school grounds. Please refrain from smoking near the school and church premises, especially near our students and families. In addition, please be mindful of double parking and blocking the yellow school busses in the front of the school. Our children’s safety is always our priority. Please remember that there should be no running or playing around the church or the steps after dismissal. Thank you for your cooperation.

As we end this school year, on behalf of the teachers and staff, we wish you a wonderful summer. Enjoy your family time filled with fun vacations and memorable moments. Remember to finish any summer assignments that the teachers may have asked you to complete over the summer. Enjoy the peaceful moments with family and friends and we will see you back together safely in September.

Have a blessed summer.

Ms. Stefano, Faculty, and Staff

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