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Welcome to the Fourth Grade!

4-207| Teacher: Mrs. Patricia Cavera  |PCavera@sfaacademy.org
Homeroom – Math – Science – Social Studies – Religion

ELA | Teacher: Miss Nicole Biscaglia | NBiscaglia@sfaacademy.org

Fourth grade is a very important and pivotal year. Students in the fourth grade will prepare for and take three New York State Exams. These exams will be in the areas of English Language Arts (ELA) in January, Mathematics in March, and Science in April or May. Read More About the 4th Grade Curriculum

The SFACA Student Council begins….

Posted on October 28, 2019

On September 13, 2019 our newly formed Student Council for this school year was installed during our Opening School Mass.  Students from grades 6-8 compose the 9-member board of the student government. The final selection was made by the principal and middle school teachers. Criteria for nomination is based on leadership, responsibility, and the ability to relate to the faculty, staff, and the student body. The term of office is one year. The council meets monthly, discusses current school issues, and makes suggestions for additional school activities. Mrs. Cavera & Miss Biscaglia serve as moderators for the student council.

Congratulations to the 2019-20 SFACA Student Council, Katie Jampol, Angelopio Graci, Jayden Abela, Jordan Ceron, Isabella Cullinane, Grace Vano, Lawrence DiVittorio, Damia Pan and Katarina Mijat



Please join them as take on their first service project of the year. The Sudan Water Project by participating in a dress down donation day on Thursday, November 7th. Please be as generous as your means allow.


Order your SFACA PEP T-Shirt by Monday, 9/23…..

Posted on September 16, 2019


PEP T-Shirts are worn on PEP Card days for Grades K through 8 and are option for grades PreSchool and PreK

PEP CARDS are incentives earned with Spirit Day donations, walkathon pledges, canday sale and other events throughout the year.

Blue Jeans or Shorts – Sneakers or Uniform School Shoes. No exceptions!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you do not have a PEP T-Shirt you may wear your FULL SFACA Gym Uniform on PEP Card days. No jeans.

Click her for order form…


4th Grade News – September 2019

Posted on
Fourth grade students have started on the right foot. We are working very hard and we are in our first full week of school. I am so proud of how the students have acclimated to our classroom rules.
In math, we have started chapter 1 and we are learning about place and value of numbers. We have started learning about the geography of New York State, recognizing the important rivers and landforms of our state. We completed our first map project and the students enjoyed learning and highlighting the important facts of our state. We visited the new Stem Lab and learned about safety first and the importance of listening during our lab activities. We began our chapter 1 in Religion knowing that Jesus was both human and divine and how we can be disciples of Christ.


4th & 5th Grade Novel List

Posted on September 10, 2019

Dear Students and Families,

            As promised, here is the list of books that we will be reading throughout the course of the school year.  I will let the students know two weeks prior to needing the book in class.  The book should be brought to school daily as we will be reading and having class discussions during class time.  Reading assignments will be given for class-work and homework. (more…)

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